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The city is proposing to build a four-lane bridge extending Heritage Avenue over our beautiful Parr Park’s walking and bike trails, nature preserve, and Big Bear Creek, destroying hundreds of mature trees and wildlife habitat in one of the only remaining city parks in southern Grapevine. In addition to the destruction of the beautiful park and forest, Heritage Bridge will disrupt the peaceful walking and nature trails with unwanted noise, lights, trash, and traffic. Children living in the quiet communities along Heritage Avenue, who have for years been able to walk home down Heritage Avenue from the elementary school, will be endangered by a new high-traffic, four-lane road. We do not believe that the saved minutes in drive time is worth sacrificing these things that are irreplaceable to our families, not to mention the more than $10MM in tax payer monies that this project is expected to cost. Please save our community and stop Heritage Bridge.

We demand that the City of Grapevine City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission remove the Heritage Bridge construction from the proposed bond list for the 2017 bond package and thereafter.

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Heritage Bridge Busters (Facebook)

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