#Animal Welfare
South Africa

There are laws against animal abuse in SA but nobody cares to inforce it, and our animals suffers terible neglect! People can keep animals in the most horrific surcumstances and let them have babies to make money from but do not feed them! These poor females has to look for food scraps in rubbish heaps and they have no shelters against cold and heat, they are also not given water and they are often chained without shelter, water or food. They are never taken to the vet because our country leaders made fun of the fact that animals are taken to be looked at by a vet. Female dogs are often raped and left in agony! The dogs and cats are covered with ticks and flees and sometimes they as a result of mange, dont have hair on their bodies! We need to show this to the government to and insist that the laws that are there are inforced and where needed new once should be brought in. Our SPCA's and animal shelters mostly closed down due to a lack of funds or in some cases because of a misuse of funds

Join me in insisting that the South African government inforce the existing laws as well as bringing in new laws to protect the animals in South Africa against the neglect that they are currently living in! They should employ trustworthy people reopen our SPCA shelters, get officers that do inspection at these shelters, and set appart funds for proper care. They should make people aware of animal abuse and inforce laws to imprison to those that do not adhere

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