#Animal Welfare
Greyhound Racing Association of America
United States of America

1) Approximately 30,000 Greyhounds Killed Each Year;

2) Dogs who are said not "fit" for racing are killed;

3) Dogs that can no longer race are killed;

4) Even dogs who race are kept in cages;

5) Usually 100s of dogs are kept in small cages;

6) Conditions for these dogs are not sanitary or healthy;

7) many dogs die of starvation;

8)these dogs can easily be saved if they are adopted.

By signing this petition, you state that greyhound racing is wrong and it should be made illegal.

It is inhumane and cruel and torture to dogs. And many of the dogs die after they race. It needs to be stopped.

By signing this, you are against greyhound racing.

Seema Keswani

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