#Human Rights
Blackfeet Tribal Business Council
United States of America

(**IMPORTANT NOTE** This petition is for MEMBERS of the Blackfeet tribe. Please be 18 or older and enrolled if you sign here. If you are NOT a Blackfeet tribal member, but would like to support our efforts to ban fracking on the reservation, please go to the petition for non-members.)

We the undersigned members of Blackfeet Nation are testifying that we hold in common the following four positions, which implicate the addressees in what we consider to be reckless activities:

1) We object to agreements established in 2006 between Blackfeet Nation and Anschutz Investment Inc, Rosetta Resources Inc, and Newfield Exploration Inc. that would allow any of the aforementioned corporations and/or future sub-lessees to conduct hydro-fracturing for subsurface resources on the Blackfeet Nation. These agreements were arranged without the consent of the majority of Blackfeet Tribal membership, and without community consultation with potentially affected parties both on- and off-reservation.

2) We demand open communication and full disclosure by the Blackfeet Tribal Government with tribal members regarding the potentially harmful environmental impacts of hydrofracturing on our lands without reprisal by the Tribal Business Council or their agents.

3) We demand full disclosure of the leasing agreements between the Tribal Business Council and the above mentioned companies for public review by tribal members.

4) We demand a moratorium on any planned hydrofracturing until a referendum as taken place on the Blackfeet Nation.

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