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Mrs. Obama has been very serious to get children to eat better and healthier school lunches, going as far as trying to regulate what children are forced to eat in school is a violation of human basic freedom of choice.

The social indoctrination is dumbing down children by telling them what they must pick and eat from the lunch cafeteria by masking it by a choice they have to make, have one or the other and no other choice. Does this mean that parents are not able to teach their children what is good for them? Is the Government the way to go that knows what is best for us?

Don’t misunderstand this petition, we are not trying to remove healthy foods from school cafeteria, but our children should be able to choose whether they want to get vegetables, fruits or neither. Dictating a child to pick one or the other is not a choice but coerce a child to do something against their will, another form of indoctrination by giving a “choice”; a painted illusion of freedom of choosing not the children’s term or their own free will. When the government gets involved with people’s affairs there is always money wasting, abuse, stifling peoples freedom/rights, and corruption. If you force someone to take the vegetable or fruit without a third choice they will end up in the trash, needless to say that is money wasted that can be used for other educational purpose. What is next? Have a “garbage police” to ensure the children will eat and not waste the vegetables or fruits.

The government has grown crafty by painting a picture that we have freedom but what people don’t understand is the government is manipulate people through fear and other tactics. Here is one good example, 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Patriot Act was initiated and our privacy rights were taken for the good of “freedom” aka “Freedom through Fear Tactics”. The new fear is child obesity that needed to be addressed and force a child to eat what the big government says is best for them. This is another right and freedom a child/human being no longer has to enjoy, needless to say, one less parent right to educate their child on what is healthy or not.

Our concern is that the United States of America has started to become more like a Nanny State since the cold war has been over. Our freedom have been under constant attack not by enemy forces but by the malignant cancer that the government have formed by systematically taking our freedom away with fear tactics, dividing people in many labeled groups, i.e. liberals, conservatives, religious fanatics, crazies, encouraging and advocating multiculturalism, and no assimilation. This is the best way to keep all Americans dumbed down and divided therefore the government will not fear people because we are not one voice but many confused people running around like “a chicken with its head cut off”.

We, the People of the United States of America, demand that the Federal Government, State Government, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Department of Education and School Districts of each State of the United States to stop forcing and dictating our children what to pick from the school lunch menu.

This is a violation of our rights and freedom that is granted in the United States Constitution to all the People. The Government has no right to interfere and tell the People what to eat. Parents has the right to educate their children on what is healthy and their upbringing it is not the government job’s to do that.

The United States Government and the other agencies mentioned above need to stay away from family affairs.

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