Children are being forcibly removed from innocent families and being put up for adoption at an alarming rate, our children are snatched at birth, from our homes with police presence and from school/nursery.

Social services have targets to reach and for each child successfully taken, social services receive £50,000 per child. Social services lie under oath, falsify evidence, and brand families with so called illnesses and mental health problems.

Children are systematically being physically, sexually and mentally abused when in foster. This needs to stop and it needs to stop now. Please sign this petition and help stop this. Just look on the web you will see the heart-breaking stories. This really does happen.

We, the undersigned call upon the British Government to abolish the use of Forced Adoption, to disallow any Social Services intervention within families, unless absolutely necessary.

To abolish the secret family courts and to bring in the use of a jury when deciding if children should be removed from families. To actively look at and use immediate family members to look after children if the parents are unable. To use absolute fact based evidence in court and not hearsay evidence. To enforce the human rights act when families are taken to court.

Families must also have the right to independent assessments done through their own GP's NOT through social services.

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