#Neighborhood Living
Oconto County Zoning Board
United States of America

We do not want a business in our residential neighbor-hood making & selling fire-wood.

Such a business will depreciate the value of our properties due to, the increased noise level of the machinery & equipment & the semi trucks & other vehicles & trailers coming & going.

The visual appearance will also be depreciating due to the large log piles & skid piles laying all over.

We are asking the Zoning board to stop the operation of the business known as Back Acres Firewood LLC on County Rd. E, Abrams, WI, and not to rezone the property where such a business can operate.

We, the undersigned, Petition the Oconto County Zoning Board to stop the operation of a business known as, Back Acre's Firewood LLC, on County Rd. E in the township of Abrams, WI.

We also petition that you Do Not rezone this property to allow such a business to continue operation.

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