"When you stand for nothing, you fall for everything."

​Beautiful Infrastructure, amazing food, the most diverse culture, amazing clothing from malls to bazaars. We have everything in this beautiful nation even then we are called the land of myths!

Is this justifiable? After all the many things, our education facilities, most numbers of doctors and engineers come from India. The top managements of various countries come from India.

It's high time we need to ​Take a Stand​.

This must have happened a number of times that our parents have dragged us to some baba or religious guru saying let's go, and then starts the cycle of never ending money supply and the negativity around us doesn't end either. Let's ​Take a Stand ​to stop the income of all these baba's or guru's or whatever they call themselves. This practice is having in a lot of religions but hinduism is the winner of the race. (me, a hindu myself). My parents used to take me to this baba in Hoshiarpur. He doesn't do any special negative removal. But says he can cure diseases, can find lost things etc and all this not just face to face but over the phone too. As in u are suffering from malaria, typhoid or any other disease there is no need to go to any hospital just call him and the cure is there.

All i want India to do is support! Lets ​Take A Stand! ​The government of ​​India needs to pass a rule, a punishment for all these baba's. A lesson to be taught! These people not only loot the normal Indian citizens but also the government of India. All the lakhs and crores of Income that they get is always spent obviously on them and thanks to our law, "As per Indian Income Tax Act 1961, income of Charitable or religious trust is exempt from tax. ... Any donation made to such notified trust are allowed as deduction under section 80G of Income Tax Act."

Lets Take A Stand!

We the undersigned, request the Government of India to take a solid action against all these fake organisations. Because not only do they loot the innocent and ignorant citizens of our country but also prevent the Nation as a whole to develop.

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