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By reducing council benefit payment by 14% on one extra bedroom and 25% on two extra bedrooms, the government are forcing people to; either, move home (in some cases further from family and support networks) or, to find the deficit from already meagre funds.

This will affect not only people on income support and other benefits, but those on a low income who need housing benefit assistance to meet everyday needs. A disabled person with a partner who is their carer will still only be allowed a one-bedroom property.

Therefore, if the relationship were to end for any reason, and a live-in carer was needed, it would mean yet another move! Children of the same sex will have to share a bedroom until one of them were to move away from home, making many home environments impossible to live within.

As for your right to have family or friends come and stay, not an option! If; like me, you are against the control that is being exerted in EVERY aspect of your life, PLEASE sign this petition, and let's see if we CAN make a change! Thank you.

We, the undersigned, call on the UK Government to abandon the policy of reducing Housing Benefit payments on the unfair basis of having 'extra' bedrooms.

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