#Human Rights
Facebook, Youtube, twitter

Today in Ethiopia ethnic cleansing in Oromia region of Ethiopia is in the works. Ethiopia is a country of over 110 million people with over 80 ethnic groups about 60% Christian, 35% Muslim & 5% others living together in a relatively in peaceful co-existence for centuries. Now, that peaceful co-existence is threatened and undermined by a naturalized American citizen and extremist named Jawar Mohammed. October 24., 2019 Jawar posted one Facebook message to his followers. His followers killed over 67 Christians burned 5 churches in Oromia region. For the last 2 years hundreds of ethnic minorities in Oromia region have been murdered many of them Christians mainly ethnically Amhara’s.

We the undersigned ask Facebook Inc, Twitter Inc, & YouTube to immediately close Jawar Mohammed's Facebook accounts and stop the bloodshed. We ask social media accounts for Oromo Media network (OMN) and any social media accounts associated with jawar Mohammed to be closed immediately.

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