#Human Rights
South Africa

There is too much discrimination against people with disabilities in South Africa. The latest incident is against a blind lady, Ms Sanet Gouws who was told that she had to leave the MacDonald's premises in Mayville, Pretoria because she had her registered guide dog with her. Despite showing the animal's harness, papers and special tags, Ms Gouws was requested to either leave or have her milkshake outside. The outside area provided to shading and was not comfortable.

You can read the full article: http://www.beeld.com/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/Vrou-se-oe-is-nie-welkom-20111227

Although it is against the policies of MacDonald's or other restaurants to allow animals inside the restaurant, special circumstances allow guide animals to enter the premises according to SA legislation.

STOP discrimination against people with disabilities.

Staff of public facilities should be trained accordingly and learn to treat all citizens, despite disabilities with respect and decency.

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