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Kentucky Fried Chicken
United States of America

This petition was created on june 14, 2005. It is supposed to help show people how cruel and cold hearted kfc is.

Chickens raised for KFC are taken away from their families and stuffed into sheds with tens of thousands of other birds. (Think of how scared you'd be if you were locked inside a crowded room with thousands of people you didn't know!) The birds aren't allowed any fresh air or sunshine, and they can barely move (each chicken has to make do with a space smaller than one sheet of notebook paper).

Once they're fattened up, the birds are thrown into tiny crates and trucked to the slaughterhouse. Some chickens fall off the trucks and are left to die alongside the road. The frightened birds who make it to the slaughterhouse are killed when they are just 6 weeks old—still babies!

Chickens are probably the most abused animals on the face of the planet. They suffer any number of cruelties, including being left by the hundreds of thousands to starve to death, having their sensitive beaks seared off with hot blades, being crammed 11 birds to a tiny cage along with the decomposing corpses of other chickens, and dying in huge numbers from long journeys in extreme weather conditions.

Basically, any and all abuse is allowable when it comes to chickens, who are, in fact, remarkable animals with distinct personalities and intelligence that, if allowed to develop, is as advanced as that of cats and dogs. Most importantly, they feel pain, just as we do.Animals Routinely Sliced Open and Scalded While Still Conscious.

At slaughter, chickens are dumped from cages like so many rubber balls and then SNAPPED by their weakened and sometimes broken legs into metal shackles before their heads are passed through an electrically charged water bath that immobilizes them but often does not render them unconscious.

The workers who hang the animals must work so quickly (assembly-line style) that animals are frequently injured. When the water "baths" are set below the level required to kill them, as they often are, the animals (unless they have died from stress and abuse before they're even shackled) are alive, conscious, and bleeding to death after their throats are slit, and they enter the scalding tank ( scalding hot water for feather removal) still conscious.

Many of them flap about and thus miss both the immobilization bath and the automated and manual (human) neck-slicers and are still completely conscious when they are scalded to death.

We, the undersigned, oppose the cruelty of chicken slaughter and KFCs practices.

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