#Human Rights
EVERYONE, organic farmers, anyone who cares

Ok, so I'm not trying to preach to the world that ingesting animals is wrong....

By my own choice I try to eat meat as little as possible, due to some graphic
violent videos I've seen on how cruel Food Manufacturing Workers, are to the
animals that we do eat. To each their own.... right?

However, what really bothers me, is that now the FDA has approved cloning of
meats and allowing Biotech Firms, such as Viagen and Trans Ova Genetics of
Sioux Center, the 2 major firms in the U.S. involved, to integrate meats and
milk from these genetically identical cattle and other livestock, into our grocery
stores and restaurants, without having to label them???!!!!! Yes, we know
FastFood Restaurants are bad for us, but at least we are informed of their risks,
and we have the choice to eat it or not..... when this cloned meat, milk and its
byproducts (which includes, cheese, yogurt, icecream... and the many other
products derived or which include milk as an ingredient) are being allowed to be
intermingled with the real?

Astronomically, it really limits what we can knowingly or "safely," purchase or
ingest. I mean yes, there is always organic, however realistically, that is not as
easily accessible or affordable to the majority of the nation, which pretty much
leaves many with no choice.

Even as a very sporadic meat eater, I have a huge problem with this cloned
meat infiltration approved by the FDA. I have many friends and family, people
whom I care about and love that eat meat almost everyday.... I do not have a
problem with anyone choosing to eat meat, but I have a problem that they no
longer have a choice in where their meat comes from. And even, if I'm not
talking about "meat" itself, milk and the other byproducts are a staple in the
diet of many people in this country.

Cloned animals such as "Dolly the Sheep,"died prematurely of severe lung
disease and also suffered from arthritis at an unexpectedly early age.... and
even few cloned babies that appear to be normal at birth, we will have to wait
up to 20 years to make sure they are not going to have problems later, ie)
growing old too fast. Even a string of "healthy" clones produced, there is a
likelyhood that many clones born in the future may have severe medical
problems, as everytime a clone is made, it is like "throwing the dice." And yet,
that is what these Biotech Firms and the FDA are claiming is safe for us to put
into our system.

Though we may not see the possible effects of this in our generation, it breaks
my heart to even think about what birth defects, diseases and such, may
plague our generations to come.

And one also has to wonder..... why are we cloning meat to eat? Cloning is
actually is expensive and an extensive and time-consuming procedure, have we
injected and feed our livestock so many chemicals, anti-biotics, and hormones
that they are no longer able to reproduce on their own? It's not even so much
that my concern is that humans seem like they playing god, but in my opinion,
it seem very much like we keep sweeping the effects of us tampering with
nature under the rug and pretending that in our own little secretly, health
harming world, is nothing more than "perfect" and medically and technologically
advanced, instead of trying to solve the real problems.

All I’m asking is that at least we should be allowed to know if the piece of meat on our plate of a cloned animal or one with a natural life.... just like how most of our foods purchased now come with a mandatory ingredients list.

People who want to let Biotech Firms and the FDA know that we will not stand to be kept ignorant and even if they must carry on this nonsense, to at least give us back our right to choose what we ingest into our bodies.

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