#Children's Rights
Tony Blair

I may only be 13, but that does not make my opinion and disgust any more drowned out. A few months ago, my peers and I at school had Citizenship day. This is where we learn about the world and what is being done. The theme was children of war, and only after watching an introduction, I was in tears. It isnt right and must be stopped. The world fights war that children get caught up in. we are only young and dont deserve this. So much pain and suffering occurs in the world. Kids as young as 5 are snatched from their homes, forced to take drugs and taught how to use a gun, so thats rebels may prove a point. I admit i live a great life with all the things a child would need. I just think of myself as lucky, that I dont have to kill my own family, friends and neighbours, have my arms cut off for expressing my opinion, and having to flee my country, to come to a whole new world, where i do not understand anyone, and where all I want is to go home. However, in so many cases, it is not possible. They are only children. Many people who might be reading this might have children of their own and if you do, I beg you, can you imagine your child, whatever age, being kidnapped from you, nenver seen again, forced drugs, and told to shoot everyone. And that is just the males. Females are forced to marry the soldiers. They are sexually assaulted and raped and all they can do is go along with it in fear of their lives and thta of their siblings and family. Thank you and please think about the issues faced here

Make the gonvernment more aware of the fact that everyday children suffer because of war and terrorism.

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