Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurosong contest is now almost 70 years old and the founding countries are automatically qualified for the final.
Thus, I find it unfair that this is the case because for example it is as if under the pretext that England invented football, it would be automatically qualified for the final of the world cup.
I want to cancel that France, Spain, Italy, Great Britain and Germany are directly qualified for the final.
Because of this, the Eurosong contest is of a lower standard because these countries allow themselves to stage bad songs for fear of winning and having to organize the contest at home.

We ask people who love Eurosong Contest to sign this petition to cancel the right pf the Big 5 (France, Germany, Italy, UK and Spain) to be directly qualified to the Final.
We would like them to go through semi-final as the all others participants countries. It will be fairer for the competition and the level of the competition will be increased!
Please sign for the equality !

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