#Animal Welfare
The Honorable Leona Aglukkaq, Canadian Minister of Environment

The cruelty of farm animals raised to be slaughtered not only threatens the animals, it could threaten us. The way these animals are treated could pose a health risk to the people who eat the produce.

Buying, cooking and eating produce is something that everyone does. Eggs, poultry, beef, pork, and even milk and seafood. But what the public doesn't know about what happens to our food? Is the cruelty and and assault that happens to all the animals raised at most farms. Their throats slit while they are still alive, thrown into grinders the first few moments of their lives, and constantly abused by staff at these farms. Being beaten is normal to any animal that survives, and is considered acceptable to most produce and dairy farms. This must stop. Though accepted by some farm owners, it is abuse and should be illegal.

Not only is the mis-treatment of innocent animals that never know life can be any better, a perfectly good reason to stop this, it can also pose as a health risk to consumers. Some of these animals go through life with open sores and wounds and this is not right.

Cruelty to animals is terrible. And cruelty is abuse.

We, the undersigned, call on The Honorable Leona Aglukkaq, Canadian Minister of Environment, to stop animal cruelty on produce and dairy farms.

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