Hon Scott Morrisson MP Federal Treasurer Australia

In Australia, we currently have a GST of 10%. At this level it has been a complicit failure. We were led to believe implementing a GST would give our government the ability to reduce other so called hidden taxes and ultimately benefit our economy as a whole. Here we are 15 years later and currently in the worst economic health we have ever been in, even though we have just had the benefit of a 13 year plus mining boom.

An increase of 50% (10% to 15% is a 50% increase) will give your incompetent government another 30 Billion plus a year to squander in the same way our incompetent governments have in the past.

The real unemployment figure would be closer to that of reported youth unemployment around 25%. Add in the homeless, the people shifted from the Newstart allowance to the Disability Support Pension and the unemployed with too many assets to be listed as unemployed. This government is not creating any real jobs, simply screening Centrelink with a greater vigilance to remove them from receiving benefits. This is giving false figures.

There are several alternatives, we need to stop any suggestion of increasing the current failed tax and start debating the viable and sustainable alternatives.

We, the undersigned, request you abandon the suggestion of any increase to the GST in Australia. There are alternatives.

We request you introduce positive debate on alternatives that will strengthen the Australian economy, not weaken it.

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