Chancellor of Exchequer

We, the undersigned, taxpayers of the UK, request that the Chancellor of the Exchequer, immediately halts all and every payment to the EU.

It is a known fact that criminal fraud within the EU is so rampant, that their accounts have not been signed off for seventeen years

Secondly, allowing the signing of the Lisbon and EU Treaties, which allow it to impose its laws upon us, is High Treason.

As taxpayers, we have the right to expect the Government to ensure that our taxes are protected from such fraud and embezzlement. We request that until the EU accounts are passed by the independent auditors, that payments to the EU cease immediately.

Though we, the electorate, are powerless to enforce the Law of the Land, and prevent the sedition by Government; we can, insist that our taxes are not used seditiously to finance the EU.

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