#Neighborhood Living
City of Los Angeles
United States of America

Our local newly renovated Sunland City Park has been destroyed by adult soccer players, most of who live and work out of the area of Sunland-Tujunga, California.

Each Sunday the park is unusable by local families because adult soccer games are taking place and there is no room for a family to play on the grassy lawns. Additionally, the lawns which were newly planted in 2005 have been destroyed and show expansive bare patches.

After the first season of adult soccer play, local families protested the constant actions that eliminated family time at the park on Sundays. Other community members asked if part of the fees for the soccer teams would be used to repair and replant the lawns. Nothing was changed, nor settled and the lawns areas remained bare. As the second soccer season began, the lawns grew worse and the invastion of outsiders to our park continued.

Families were not able to use the park as previously promised by local officials. Local community members continue to be unhappy with the City of Los Angeles allowing - out of the area - soccer teams to trample and destory our newly redesigned family park and take away precious family time at the park.

We, the undersigned, call upon the City of Los Angeles to eliminate the playing of adult soccer teams on Sundays at Sunland Park.

We further request that the lawns be replanted and restoryed to their previous quality so that families may return to enjoy the spacious grassy areas as well as the quality of family time on Sundays at Sunland Park.

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