#Civil Rights
Cypriot Cabinet of Ministers, EMPs and MPs

On February 15 the Cabinet of Ministers voted in favor of ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement).
According to the cypriot laws, it is possible for a decision of the Cabinet of Ministers to change if the Ministers propose a similar position, on the same subject. So we want them to propose a NO to ACTA decision.

If not then it will have to go to the parliament. There we call all MPs to VOTE NO to ACTA!

ACTA has not yet been voted in the European Parliament. It will be re-discussed at INTA committee at the end of April and May and then voted on the plenary of the European Parliament on June.
We call the MEPs of Cyprus to vote NO to ACTA!
We have time stop it!

Spread the word! Collect as many signatures as possible! Join our STOP ACTA campaign!

ACTA is a trade agreement that is attempted to be imposed by global multinational companies in entertainment, computer programming, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, , on governments globally and the European Union more specifically.

ACTA violates the privacy and freedom of communication and exchange of Internet users, with the pretext of protecting the "copyright" of authors, researchers and artists, creating an "internet police", where Internet providers and operators of social networks will have the jurisdiction and duty, without judicial orders, to give out the personal information of those users who, according to the agreement, do not make "legitimate" use of the internet.

The agreement creates a unique type of private police that would act independently of the national authorities, violating freedom of expression on the Internet, circumventing our personal data and violating our democratic rights.

The vagueness of the agreement and the involvement of big pharmaceutical and biotechnology multinational companies in the formation of ACTA also create great risks that can be used to prevent access to generic medicine and seeds in areas such as Africa and Asia, where the use of these medicines and seeds has saved countless lives in the past years.

For all these reasons we ask
The Cabinet of Ministers :
To cancel the decision on ACTA and not put forward such a bill in Parliament. To resist the dictations of multinational companies and defend democracy and fundamental human rights.

The Members of the Cyprus Parliament:
To vote NO on ACTA if it comes to Parliament
From MEPs:
To vote NO on ACTA, in the Committees of the European Parliament and in the European Parliament Plenary session.

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