David Cameron
United Kingdom

Since the introduction of "Academies" into the education system more and more have not only failed Ofsted but also failed children, parents and teaching staff.
Evidence suggest that "Academies" cost councils more than they would otherwise spent on council run school budgets. This puts additional strain on otherwise already cash strapped councils.

Evidence also suggests that "Academies" that are having good results do so at the cost of pupils who do not promise to achieve the required exam results being "off loaded" into either alternative education provisions or other schools. This is common practise and once again the governments slogans of "every child is an individual" or indeed "every child matters" are blatantly and cynically ignored.

Parents have a choice and this choice is taken away.

We the undersigned believe that Academies are detrimental to the UK education system. They disadvantage the less academic children and ignore the gifted, they swallow huge amounts from local councils and are a main contributor to teachers leaving the profession. We demand that no more schools should be bullied by Ofsted and the government into Academy status and no new Academies should be allowed to be built!

We the undersigned feel that it is a Nations responsibility to ensure that future generations are well educated and well equipped to join the workforce in varied positions from academics to manual labourer. To semi privatise an education system is refusing to take responsibility as a government or indeed take ownership of the UKs future success in being a successful and productive nation.

The education system is already in a very sorry state and Academies will only add to this malaise.

Education is not a profit and loss business exercise but a human right!

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