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Global Warming, Oil Wars, Hunger and Air Pollution are among our biggest challenges in the 21st century. These challenges have roots in the main challenge of today, i.e. ENERGY.

International Energy Agency, IEA "2011 Key World Energy Statistics" shows that earth's deposit of peat, coal, oil and gas are on fire and our transport system has a main role in this disaster. 27 million ton of our fossil fuels deposit burns every day and converts into 11000 Billion Cubic Feet of invisible CO2, caused Global Warming and Climate Change. 27 million ton of raw material of our industries burns every day!!. We need to take an action urgently before it is too late.

Also we worsen Hunger by burning 100+ million ton of food per year after converting to biofuels.

We need a clean transport system suitable for 21st century. We still use the dirty 18th century combustion engines technology for our transportation while there is an economic, safe, funny and clean technology available for transportation, here @: http://selkebozorgan.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html.

Sign this petition in order to stop burning our wealth and keep our tinny planet rich, safe and clean.

We hereby request our law makers to support projects like "Gardoon" which promises to resolve our main challenges of the present century.

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