to the current Federal Minister of Labour, and the Provincial ministers

The concept is a fairly simple one; everyone has a birthday - what better way to celebrate than to give that person the day off on that most special of days?

Instead of the average state holiday, where all workers receive a paid day off, the concept of SB is that only one person receives the holiday. This makes the holiday much easier to enact; businesses have no need of shutting down, the rest of the world and the economy can function as normal with no disruption.

For the employer, it also makes good fiscal sense. Instead of the massive one-time payout associated with other holidays, the monetary repercussions of the SB system are staggered throughout the calendar year.

For the government, the process could not be easier. No special legislation to deal with the addition of a stat is neccessary. No calendar changes are needed. The banks will remain open. All of the extra hassle associated with the average holiday are avoided.

Please sign the petition, and lets get a holiday for us all, on the most important day of the year for us all.

~Jason Beange, petition concept developer

We, the people of Canada,
petition the Hon. minister to enact
legislation enabling each
Canadian citizen to take a
statutory holiday on his or her

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