People who care for the environment.

This petition is to support the stand of eco-friendly activities/programmes like e.g recycling programme, BYOB campaigns, to be carried out and to encourage factories to stop releasing harmful gas emissions to the air, instead, they could release the harmful gas emissions towards the ground,as so to not pollute the air; causing respiratory problems for us and also to think of the well-being of the earth.

We ought to do start doing something now because this is our planet, we are earthlings of this planet, we bear the responsibility to take good care of the earth.

We, the earthlings from all over the world, whereby will do our best to care for our planet earth because this is our earth,we bear the responsibility to cherish it and take good care of it.

We will carry out eco-friendly activities / programmes whenever we can and encourage factories to stop releasing harmful gases emissions as well as encourage others to start doing their part for our planet.

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