#Animal Welfare
City Government of Texarkana Texas and Texarkana Arkansas
United States of America

Each and every day without fail, at least 2 dogs are picked up from the Twin Cities of Texarkana Texas and Texarkana, Arkansas. Often, it is a mother dog with her several puppies, and often they are in terrible physical condition, lacking food and water, and many times they have been shot or otherwise physically harmed. Many times they are a traffic hazard to drivers and to themselves.

There are NO spay/neuter laws in either town and surrounding areas thus the population explosion. However, rather than responsibly care for their "pets", folks would rather take the easy way out and drive out somewhere to dump these dogs in remote areas and be rid of them. The only way the animals get help is if a concerned and compassionate citizen sees them, and puts up a call for help, usually on Facebook.

Those who do go rescue these animals are simply overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of dogs (usually) needing vet care and shelter. We are out of room and out of money. WE NEED SPAY/NEUTER LAWS WITH TEETH IN THEM TO STOP THIS EXPLOSION OF HOMELESS ANIMALS!

Please sign, and register your concern as an animal-lover, one who understands the public health risk that unwanted dogs roaming loose can present - in the form of dog bites or even a rabies epidemic - and one who understands how morally wrong it is to abandon an animal to fend for itself. It is a public-health risk we have here, and we need HELP from our city fathers. The time to stop ignoring this problem is over!

With strength in numbers as taxpaying citizens, we will request that the city fathers enact legislation to stop the population explosion and to expand, improve and even create another shelter building where there is not one now.

Thank you for your support by signing below..

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