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Rowan University is growing at a tremendous rate. With money pouring in from donors, new buildings are getting built to meet the needs of engineering students and other majors alike. The theatre department at Rowan University is attempting to build in size just like the school, but we only have five rooms to rehearse for over twenty projects a semester, including two main stage shows, over a dozen senior projects, two student run lab shows, a choreography showcase, as well as directing and devising classes that rehearse and produce new work to perform once a week, every week of the semester. These mere five rooms (two solely devoted to dance), stand up against a university giving BUILDINGS to other majors. We fought a full year for a water fountain to be placed in the dance studios, and it sits, not even producing an ounce of water. Our facilities are being used non-stop and compared to the buildings across campus that are being cleaned once a day if not more, our rooms are infested with ants and sweat build-up from weeks of classes and rehearsals.

By signing this you are supporting the 147 students in the Rowan Theatre and Dance Department who are forced to find spaces to perform and rehearse in across campus. The theatre department is being ignored among a campus of engineering, education, business, and science majors alike who receive buildings for their work.

We are creating over 40 pieces of work throughout the year including four main stage shows, four lab theatre shows, over a dozen senior projects, and performances in acting classes, directing classes, and devising classes. Each student in this department rehearses 40 plus hours a week to creating new and exciting art yet we have no place to go.

If tuition is the same, our facilities should be the same.

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