#Animal Rights
The government of South Korea

By the 1970s, commercial whaling had caused 8 out of the 10 great whale species to be commercially extinct. The International Whaling Commission's (IWC's) ban on commercial whaling went into effect in 1986. Since then, pro-whaling countries have been trying to lift the ban and continue to kill whales by using exceptions to the ban.

Most species of whales are still endangered and there is no humane way to kill a whale. Whales suffer horrible and often prolonged deaths due to brutal and unreliable killing methods used by whalers. They also suffer from being caught in fishing nets of commercial fisheries targeting other species. Instead of making an effort to safely release them, they are brought onboard to die and to be sold for human consumption.

The annual IWC meeting will be held in Ulsan, South Korea in 2005. South Korea has voted against protecting whales. Please sign this petition to let your government know that South Koreans care about whales and about animal welfare and want them to vote in favor of protecting these magnificent animals.

We, the undersigned South Koreans, are concerned about animal welfare. We understand that the South Korean government has joined Japan and other pro-whaling countries in voting against the protection of whales at past IWC meetings. We urge Korea to protect whales and other animals from unnecessary suffering. We call on the Korean government to join pro-conservation nations in taking immediate action to prevent the lifting of the IWC's ban on commercial whaling and to increase protection for these unique and fragile animals.

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