Florida Highway Patrol and Governor
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As a Florida native, I’ve see the winter birds come and go, and come and go again. It’s not as simple as that. It’s more of a plague of bad drivers who pose risks on lives every day because they’re driving their Mercedes and Bentley’s not even being able to see over the wheel. If they can afford luxury cars they can afford someone to drive them. It is not right for them to be selfish and risk everyone else’s lives so they can get around. We need stricter laws for texting and driving because at least 5 times a day I almost get into a car accident because some idiot is carelessly driving on their phones. We need a law to prohibit smoking ciggerettes in vehicles not only for safety of children’s but because people DO NOT use the ash trays providied by the car/truck/SUV they THROW THEM OUT THE WINDOW. They are then washed away by rain down drains or find themselves in the ocean or inside of a now dead birds stomach. Or stepping on them at the beach, people are filthy and this needs to be addressed. This is a sad world now and we need to fix it.

People over the age of 70 need to retake their driving/visual test every 5 years and so on.

Harsher laws for texting and driving.

Prohibit smoking in cars is it is LITTERING.

Prohibit smoking on beaches.

Make The HOV lane on I-95 70 Miles Or Over NOT UNDER as it is more dangerous than going slow.

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