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ELF and SONE day 31 March ; Super Generation

We all know that Super Junior and Girls' Generation have a wonderful relationship between them, but their fans, SONE and ELF not.

They fight if they don't win the award, when a Suju member or a Soshi member talk to each other, but the one who started the fanwar are the TROLLS. So please, can't we just stop the war and start our relationship new?

And anyways, all other people hear always bad things about out relationship and it is bad for us too, they don't want to join the fandom because they hear they fight a lot...

Don't you want to fight together? SM entertainment together? Super Generation together? You all know that Super Junior and Girl's Generation are the most successful k-pop group, but when we work together we will be unreachable.

I am an ELF or a SONE and will sign this petition for the peace between those fandoms and against the SONE and ELF war.

I will celebrate on the 31th of March as memory for ELF and SONE, I'll not bash ELF/SONE for something bad nor will I tell rude things about them. I am ready to share the peace of ELF and SONE.

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