ERC Department of Energy Philippine Senate Energy Committee

We are petitioning policy makers to adapt updated Implementing Rules and Regulations that would allow a common home or business owner to use solar energy and sell back their excess power under the RA 9513 Renewable Energy Act of 2008.

Current implementation of the law is blocked with utility imposed red tape, redundant DIS studies and unfair buyback rates that are contrary to the law. If a home that has solar panels has excess power, the utility purchases this power at a minimum defensible rate of blended generation charge - NOT full retail rate or 1:1 as stipulated in the RE ACT. There are more than 500 people who invested hundreds of thousands for solar and only getting a partial credit for the excess power they put into the grid when its needed the most.

Currently if a home has grid tie solar, the utility would purchase this power for P3.80 (blended gen charge) and resell it to the next door neighbor for full retail price of P10 a kWh or more. It is excessive profiteering and the utility makes it hard to get a solar approved net meter. Naturally the utilities are delaying the inevitable by using red tape tactics and ERC should be taking a proactive role in preserving justifiable energy rates and policy. We demand an explanation why it takes 6 to 12 months to get a net metered installation and justifiable remuneration of exported power under RA 9513.

We are calling on the Energy Regulatory Commission and Dept of Energy for streamlined processing of roof top solar installations that have less red tape, 30 days or less processing and more importantly a true 1:1 net metering not net billing of exported energy as stipulated in the RA 9513 Renewables Energy Act.

I am a power consumer / end user and I demand that the ERC review the current practice of export of energy valued at minimum defensible rate of blended generation charge when in fact Solar Generation is almost exclusively done at peak periods of power demand. Free Energy already falls on our roofs and its our right as a qualified end user to use it and sell our renewable energy at the fullest rates guaranteed by law. Please allow careful and judicious implementation of the renewable energy law and review practices that are discouraging the adaptation of renewable energy namely excessive fees in making the right decision to go green, ERC COC fees and long processing times.

The world is changing and we are asking for the ERC to regulate and stand for consumer rights.

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