#Civil Rights
all who seek a respectable peace insri lanka

May 19, 2006

ltte has beeen perpitrating many more brutal activities against every srilankan (sinhalese tamils muslims and others) and indians claiming they are fighting for tamils

now true srilankans are unable to live in peace in the country

srilankan governments tried satisfy them but they need just blood sheding
when they find it difficult to kill as they wish due to security forces they declare CEASEFIRE UNTILL THEY COLLECT ENOUGH BOMBS AND WEAPONS

all these have been monitored by norwey mediators supplying every possible equipments to strenghten ltte.
they have provided many uncountable donations secretly to the srilankan government

when ltte perpitrates norwey rushed to mask it ALWAYS HOW PARTIAL THEY HAVE BEEN !

the only resolution i see is elimination of ltte from this world
but so called peace makers are misleading the global community
so at least a good impartial powerful but not powercrazy mediator must be involved, who would not seek any beneficiary from our poor country just need the ACTUAL PEACE WHERE EVERY SRILANKAN CAN LIVE


norwey is partial towards LTTE in srilankan peace monitoring activities AND MUST leave giving chance to an actual mediator

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