#Human Rights
African Union

The Economic inequities in Africa are without question. As a result millions of citizens travel to different parts of the world with their families for a better life. Libya is a gateway between Africa and Europe. Recently, the European and Libyan coast guards are intercepting boats full of migrants. Consequently, these boats are sent back to Libya and the people are tortured by human traffickers and sold as slaves.

Various African countries like Nigeria have brought a few of their citizens home, the UN's IOM (International Organization of Migration) is conducting outreach to refugees in Libya. There is limited concerted efforts to curtail this outrage. Millions of people are treated worse than animals in Libya and as global citizens, we cannot stand idle and watch. We need to hold African leaders accountable to making a joint decision against slave trade in the 21st century.

We need 1 million petitions to ensure the African Union responds to the nations and people they serve. Hold Libya accountable for the crimes against humanity, and bring our brothers and sisters back to their countries of origin.

One of core missions of the African Union is Peace and Security. We as global citizens value human lives and cannot sit back and watch our brothers and sisters being tortured and turned into slaves in Libya. People left their homes for a better future and do not deserve this inhumane treatment.

We, the undersigned call on the African Union to take a unified stand and physically intervene in the human trafficking and torture of our brothers and sisters in Libya and bring them back to their countries of origin.

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