Alan Milburn
United Kingdom

After being found guilty of arson and recklessly endangering lives and causing £4,500 damage, the boy was given a year long supervision order, with six months concurrent intensive supervision, and was ordered to pay my sister a pathetic £200.

Darlington Member Of Parliament, Alan Milburn has pledged to look into the sentence, saying the family has endured enough. "Misuse of fireworks makes lives a misery and it is up to the authorities to show this behaviour will not be tolerated," he said.

"This family has clearly been through an ordeal. They need to know the courts are on their side."

We are collecting signatures, not just from our home town of Darlington, England but across the World.

We disagree with the sentence passed to Simon Shaw on Friday, April 1st 2005 for arson and recklessly endangering the lives of Lindsay (23), Nicola (12), Joshua (5) and Ebony (3) Price.

The sentence given simply does not fit the crime.

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