We Will not sit back and watch while a bunch of people are destroying our beloved GOR MAHIA FC, our pride. We are not AFC LEOPARDS fans who sits back and lament the destruction of their club and do nothing.

"Way back last year, towards the end the team was really struggling to make ends meet. That's why Nuttall was approached to have his pay cheque cut from 600k to 300k. He agreed because of crisis.

"But now they have twisted the script that this pay cut was permanent and renefotiation must start from 300k when the great coach in the history of K'Ogalo asked to be given 850k.

In the process of dialogue Nuttall withrew his demand and asked for his 600k back, but the brokers wenye Gor wakakataa causing his termination. Will be giving you some info way back in Feb 2015... stay awake.. no sleeping today.

We, as ardent Gor mahia fc fans and lovers of football, demand that the firing of our title winning coach be rescinded immediately, without pre-conditions.

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