#Civil Rights
City of Seattle
United States of America

SCAN TV (Seattle Community Access Network Television) offer Seattle and King County residents and organizations affordable production resources and access to various kinds of distribution technologies to become the Producers and the Content Providers of SCAN TV, allowing SCAN TV to showcase diverse expressions of thought, art and entertainment. SCAN airs on Comcast channel 77 and Broadstripe 23 in Seattle.

FUNDING: Public access channels come from Section 611 of the Communications Act. They are dedicated channel space on cable systems specifically for “use by the general public.” The cable channels pay for public access through franchise fees paid by subscribers; since 2006, those franchise fees are paid by Comcast to the City of Seattle, Department of Information Technology, and are held in the Cable Television Franchise Subfund. The Department of Information Technology contracts with SCAN as the “designated public access manager for the City of Seattle.” In 2010, SCAN received $650,000 from the City for this purpose.

Anyone can sign! Our first preference is for Seattle residents, then King County residents.

We, viewers and supporters of SCAN TV, call on the City of Seattle Council to restore SCAN TV funding and SCAN TV as the Public Access Manager of Seattle.

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