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Hey guys, I'm a current student at Rowan University and I plan on starting a Sigma Chi chapter. Rowan has been expanding their school for the past couple of years. With this expansion comes more students, more diversity, and just an overall greater presence in the nation. That being said, a big aspect of expanding is the social presence on campus through greek life. The expansion of greek organizations has been lacking in the past couple of years and it needs to change. Though there are a decent amount of fraternities and sororities on campus, only so many are active socially such as fiji, pike, sae, dke, sigpi, skulls, tdp, and phipsi. That being said the recent addition of Kappa sig was a huge step in the right direction. The addition of well known greek organizations is what's going to help put Rowan University on the map. This is why I plan on starting the Sigma Chi chapter. Sigma Chi is one of the top-ranked fraternities in the nation, higher than pike, fiji, sae, or kappa sig and has the potential for creating a lot of hype for Rowan. I am currently a member of one of the listed fraternities and plan to disaffiliate to start this chapter. I know how a fraternity is run, I know the good and bad aspects of most fraternities listed, and plan on making Sigma Chi the top fraternity at Rowan University.

If you would be interested in becoming a member or just seeing a Sigma Chi chapter at Rowan University, please sign our petition to get it started.

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