#Human Rights
United States of America

Just a petition for those that are for war and sick of pple protesting against it when they know nothing of why we are doing this.

I am doing this petition because I am sick and tired of people protesting this war. Especially if they don't understand why we have to have it. It's because of Osama and Saddam. It's really getting stupid when pple get nude and try and protest or one lady who said she'd allow Bush to sacirfice her if thats what it came to. Also many of the celebs are doing this I believe for attention. There are good reasons for this and if you all don't want another 9/11 I suggest you sign this if you think that what we are doing is warrented.

I want peace as much as the next person but we can't have that until all these pple who want to hurt us are gone for good. Please sign this with your signiture and blessing. The more we get the more we can let pple know that peace can't just happen by protests. It will happen only if we get rid of those involved in 9/11.


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