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Facebook has become a place where people successfully circulate misinformation while hiding their identities.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is a new medium that can be a tool in helping people share important information or it can be a way of spreading lies and misinformation, often with no consequences to the source.

We ask that you take steps to restore the credibility of Facebook.

The first step is to be more proactive in stopping fake Facebook accounts, where an account is opened by someone claiming to be a different person.

There are databases that already exist and databases that can be built as resources for verification.

Impersonation does harm to both the person being impersonated and the people who have been fooled by the impersonator.

It also damages Facebook, turning it into an untrustworthy nuisance instead of a medium that can be resource for reliable information.

We appreciate your efforts to help shape the internet into a place that makes people's lives better not worse.

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