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American Poets Society
United States of America

We have to shut down poetryamerica.com in order to put a stop to the scammimg that these lowlifes are doing. American Poets Society is the same company as Poetry.com in the same state (MD) in the same city (Baltimore) in the same address (600 Reisterstown Road Suite 200G) in the same zip code (21208) with a P.O. Box!! How far or how low are these scam artists going to go to greedily steal our hard-earned money? Let's shut them down for good, sign this petition!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I am against poetry websites that scam against people's trust and self-esteem. They will not reach into my wallet and say that my poem was accepted for publication. I am much smarter than that, and I know my rights and American Poetry Society is violating my rights. Scamming is against the law!! I will not tolerate this, and I will sign this petition to shut American Poets Society down!

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