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Like millions around the world, we are aghast at the BBC's decision not to air the Disasters Emergency Comittee (DEC) Gaza Crisis Appeal. During the recent onslaught on Gaza, many of us considered that the BBC reporting tacitly and too-uncritically accepted the Israeli narrative of events. However, with this refusal even to air a plea for help, the BBC has gone a step further.

Far from demonstrating 'impartiality', the BBC has shown itself to be thoroughly and cravenly partial - against the Palestinians - to the digust, of course, of most of its employees.

What is it that makes this case different from the DEC appeals the BBC has broadcast, which included many others about situations caused by conflict? It can only be the parties involved in the case.

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We call on Glasgow University to release a statement condemning the BBC's actions and reflect the popular mood on campus. We demand that the DEC appeal be shown on the University's website, and in all lecture theatres with the capacity to do so on a day designated as an official collection day for the people of Gaza.

*This is an online version of a paper petition which has already collected several hundred signatures*

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