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In the year 2004 AD, a trashy Filipino male supermodel named Shiima Xion debuted in the International Wrestling Cartel. Shiima put on stellar performance after stellar performance in IWC throughout the remainder of 2004 and even more so in 2005. IWC rightfully nominated Shiima as a contender for the "2004 Newcomer of the Year" award.

Shiima won the award in a landslide victory, but somehow ended up sharing that victory with his then arch-rival, Jason Gory (aka angry mime). Rumor has it that Jason Gory simply voted for himself on every computer in his school computer lab...twice! (he erased cookies on every freakin PC) which led to the tie occuring. Shiima, irate and confused, chose to disregard Gory's attempts at stealing his spotlight, and proceeded to declare himself the official Newcomer of the Year.

For whatever reason, IWC promoter Norm Connors booked a match on July 29th, 2005 between Gory and Shiima to determine the undisputed 2004 Newcomer of the Year. Shiima lost to Gory on that night, and unwillingly passed his 2004 Newcomer of the Year torch to the little fairy boy. Since that loss, Shiima Xion has received an IWC World Title shot, IWC Tag Title shots, IWC International Title shots, and wrestled in notable promotions such as Chikara and Pro Wrestling Unplugged. What has the "undisputed" Newcomer of the Year done since winning the award? Well..he won the Tex-Arkana Title for a couple seconds. Enough Said.

Shiima Xion proved in 2005 that he is once again deserving of a nomination for the Newcomer of the Year. Some may say, "Shiima isn't a newcomer anymore, though." Understandable, but one must remember that Shiima Xion is a supermodel. How is that relevent? Simple. A supermodel never gets old, never gets routine, never gets stale...and is ALWAYS in season. Shiima Xion is not last season, nor is he "last year." Shiima Xion is the future, and by signing this online petition, you the fans (aka Shiimarks) are recognizing that you want the future to look bright in IWC. Let's make it happen.

Let's get Shiima Xion a nomination on the 2005 Newcomer of the Year award, and allow our beloved Virgin Slayer to be the only TWO TIME Newcomer of the Year in the history of professional wrestling.

By signing this petition, we are letting the higher-ups at the International Wrestling Cartel know that Shiima Xion deserves to be a candidate for the 2005 IWC Newcomer of the Year. We are also letting the world know that we are a Shiimark, followers and worshippers of the almighty fashion deity, Shiima Xion.

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