#Civil Rights
Ministry of Environment and Waters; Sophia Municipality

Sophia means "wisdom". I was born here and I live here. I love my city.

Over 25 years there has been a problem with street dogs.

A shelter or two existed for a while indeed but, a film made in secret by some Britons showed the world how they used to kill dogs in one of these "shelters". This is not a decision!

There are many cases when street dogs attack people and even children. Not to mention dogs as s source of infection.

I don't know who benefits of keeping this situation as it is.

I hope a letter from foreigners to the Minister of Environment and Waters and to the Mayor of the city could make a difference.

Can you, please, help us to improve our life here.

Thank you!

We the undersigned kindly ask you to resolve the situation with the street dogs in your city! Build shelters, use existing buildings, use the European funds you are given!

Please do something to make Sophia, the Capital of your country, a pleasant and safe place!

Sophia citizens and visitors have the right to walk!

Please, do not kill the dogs!

Thank you.

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