#City & Town Planning
Voters of New Orleans Council Disrtict A
United States of America

Shelley Midura received campaign contributions from lawyers and other consultants who get paid millions of taxpayers dollars for working on Entergy regulation issues for the city council of New Orleans, and thereby increasing the Entergy bills of District A constituents thus fullfilling backroom campaign promises

Shelley Midura rezones residential property to commercial without consulting surrounding neighbors in District A

Shelley Midura advocates a Mega Wal-Mart in District A

Shelley Midura works in collusion with others(Eddie Sapir) to put a 5 star restaurant out of business by changing the license of the business in District A

Shelley Midura advocates a Charity Emergency Room in Depaul Therapeautic Hospital of District A

Sworn into the New Orleans District A council office less than a year ago, Shelley Midura promised transparency and has violated this pledge over and over again.

We, the Voters of District A, call on Councilmember Shelley Midura to resign from her office immediately!

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