#Human Rights

I want to prevent the U.S from using a method called Fraking to get them oil resources ,wich they can turn into plastic and electricity, in the Algerian country because this will do harm to the people living there.
A indeed harmful process of using this method is that the natural water resources will become polluted and also will be heavily poisoned.
Sencondly “Fraking” is going to destroy nature and is going to make planting seeds and growing fruit ans vegetables nearly impossible. This is very dangerous for the population because the mostly relay on this nutrition.
As a result the general Algerian population is going to suffer immense pain while we would be profiting on there behalf. It is our duty to stop this from happening!

I, the voice of the algerian population demand the U.S and France to stop investigating in our government and forcing them to sign a contract perfectly knowing that is going to destroy our country.

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