#Children's Rights
The Children's Authority of Trinidad & Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago

In Loving Memory of those taken from us......gone too soon ……Joash Pantin 13, Rashad Akim Dalo, Racquel George 1, Olivia Chapman,16, Mickela Mason, 14, Ishmael Phillip 7 Joshua Andrews 15, Emmanuel Okeiro 15, Baby Kemron 1 day, Videsh Subar 12, Salisha Faith 6, Rachel Ramkissoon 16, Abiela Adams 15, Jenice Figaro 4, Samai Devenish 16, Mohammed Ali 15, Malik Samuel 19 months, Cyon Paul 9, Jerrel Roberts 14, Jacob Antonio Bastaldo 2, Nyla Sanchez 17 months, Darian Nedd, 14, De-neilson Smith, 17 and Mark Richards, 16,, Jodel Roberts 6, Anastacia Phil­lip, 3 months, Mikyle Ramnath, 11 months, Yakini Charles, 13, Natesha James, 13, Jaheim Lord, 2, Shania Amoroso, 1, Kimora Roopnarine, 2, Jade Peters 12, Daryon Baker, 13, Aleah Cain 15, Brandon Hargreaves 14, Ackinton Walker 16, Kenkerishe Gumbs 16, Rohan Ayres 15, Jamal Brathwaite 15, Jadel Holder 9, Christian Gomez 17, Michael Miguel, 17, Jadon Cudjoe 1 yr 6 months, Keanna Mayers 3, Omari Mayers 10 months, Jacob Munroe 1, Keyanna Cumberbatch 6, Jabari Hernandez 3, Andre Mowlah 2, Nishan Lal 3 days, Sidney Stellan 8 months, Musa Subhan 4, Renaldo Dixon 14. Kimora Roopnarine 2, Aaliyah Johnson 2, Amy Emily Annamathudo 4, Daniel Guerra 8, Akiel Chambers 11, Sean Luke Lumfai 6, Hope Arismandez 8, Tecia Henry 10 , Roshni Ramdial 3, Kimora Roopnarine 2, Nishan Lal newborn, Andre Mowlah Jnr 2, Parmanand Boyo Persad 13, Dane Andrews 12, Radha “Pixie” Lakhan, 16, Lily Seepersad 7, Mastaq Benoit 16, Lisa Sammy 17, .Zakiyah Mitchell 14, Etean Smith 2, Dion Barclay 16, Shernelle Codrington 16, Ricardo McKenzie 16, Jashouna Hypolite 15, Neil Clement 17, Mikhaeil Alleyne 13, Dario Mc Coy 16, Jevon La Monte 17, Simeon King 16, Kimo Richards 15, Kyle Grant 17, Akel Gafoor 17, Ronald Palakdhari 16, Shahida Phillip 16, Dominic Thomas 16, Michael Forde, 14, Lorenzo Harridath 10 Riana Parag 18, Leah Lammy 8, Devika Lalman 15, Adrian Richards 12, Zareen Ansara Mohammed 15, Josiah Govenor 6, Devika Lalman 15, Kylie Garcia 15, Peaches Roshell Sebro 12, Oma Nanan 11.

We are not by our very nature a proactive Country but what is it going to take for us to admit that we have a problem. Our children are being hurt and in some instances killed by people who are many times known to them. The perpetrators of these heinous acts are part of a community that exists everywhere in the world and we should know who they are where they live so that we can do better in protecting our children.

It is not every attack that we will be able to be prevent but any action is better than none at all. What is our Government doing to protect our children from the known habitual predators? Joash's attacker was know to prey on children....let that sink in.

Child molesters come from all economic backgrounds, geographic areas and include every ethnicity, race and creed. The sole characteristic all child molesters share is having thoughts about being sexual with children, and acting on those thoughts. These individuals actively seek access to children and the opportunity to be alone with them.

The younger the child, the more likely their abuser is a family member. Keep in mind that family members include parents, guardians, step-parents, siblings, step-siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents.

With this is mind going forward, we need to lobby for a Government sanctioned Registry/Website or some way to make the persons who have been either arrested, incarcerated and whom complaints have been made against known to us. Remember, these are people we come into contact with every day!

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