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1. Keep Westport Dog Grooming

Please sign my petition and keep Westport Dog Grooming Open!

As you all know, I love your dog's! I love my work and have been working with animals for over 12years. I provide a dog friendly, homely environment, working with nervous dogs, shy dogs, rescues elderly dogs, puppies and all your pets, different shapes sizes and personalities 😊

I am fully trained and have dedicated my career to working with animals for over 12 years. For the last two & half years I Have been trying to gain permission from mayo county council to keep my little business open but I am hitting a brick wall.

It's a small business but I am doing something I love and paying my bills keeping myself employed. I am providing a good honest service. I am revenue registered. Nobody has objected on this road,in fact all my neighbours fully support me. I've had no objection from environmental or veterinary sections in council.

ONE BUSINESS on this road has objected which sees me as competition. They do not live on this road. I Have lived here on this road for over 6 years. Yet the county council do not want to grant me permission to work. I have done everything in my power to work with mayo county council but they will not support my small enterprise. Now I am asking for your support.

They want to close me down. They say the road is rural? Bourkes waste is just after my house and they're are lots of small enterprise on lodge road. I cannot afford to rent a premises in town, not only would the overheads be huge, I would have to increase my prices dramatically...

Thank you for reading and for your continued support 💖💖

Aisling Noone

2. Support tougher sentencing laws for peadophiles in Australia

Tougher sentencing laws will reduce incidents.

3. Pass Assembly bill A6082-2013 - Pet Grooming Licensing


I have noticed that many people's beloved pets have been injured or killed at the hands of a groomer. This has prompted me to support this type of change in state law.

Some groomers are not taking any accountability to help resolve any issues their customers have. There are no disciplinary actions in place for the pet owner. We can only rely on the character of the groomer or small claims court. This kind of haphazardly run business needs to be changed!

New York state does not have any laws in place for the pet grooming business. This industry is not required to prove skill, knowledge or even be licensed or insured. An assembly bill ‪#‎A6082‬-2013 was presented in March 2013 and referred to economic development committee. Presently, there is no licensing statute in New York. I believe that New York should license, test and regulate the dog grooming industry.

Any person may open a pet grooming shop without any formal training, no education, no certification and with no oversight. This lack of regulation can lead to groomers harming or even causing the death of an innocent pet. There is no accountability for the groomer’s negligence and the pet owners are left with no recourse but expensive vet bills or having to say goodbye to their beloved pet and or watch them suffering. For most pet owners, the family dog or cat is a member of the family.

I am extremely concerned with this type of business who is working with live animals not having any oversight what so ever.

4. Stop people getting away with "grooming" because the child is over 16

My niece was groomed for 8 months, she thought she had an online 21 year old Australian boyfriend, when it really was a married couple living just up the road. The police were involved for 6 months, and gave us great hope, but in the end it got thrown out by the CPS because she was over 16. Still classed as a child in most ways but not in this.

The effect it has had on the whole family is heartbreaking, and we want to stop any other 16/17 year olds going through this. Please help us.

5. Good touch / Bad touch needs to be made compulsory in the curriculum

Helping Hands Against Abuse would like all schools in the UK to teach Good touch/Bad touch as part of the national curriculum as well as the dangers of grooming and internet grooming to be taught in secondary schools as part of sex education.