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Luis Ramirez, a 25-year-old Mexican immigrant, had settled in Shenandoah a year before his death with his wife, a lifelong resident of the faltering mining town, and their young children.

He was walking down a residential street with a friend when he encountered the group of teens, who had been drinking earlier in the evening. John Doe was convicted of providing alcohol to the other teens who were involved in the confrontation, including a juvenile co-defendant and another teen who pleaded guilty in federal court for his role in the fight.

The teens baited the Ramirez into a fight with racial epithets, provoking an exchange of punches and kicks that ended with Ramirez convulsing in the street, foaming from the mouth. He died two days later in a hospital.

One teen was accused of delivering a fatal kick to Ramirez's head after he was knocked to the ground. The extent of Ramirez's injuries, which had left his brain oozing from his skull, according to medical testimony, should have sufficed for a conviction other than simple assault. But the all-white jury found the defendants not guilty.

This petition is signed online to press the Department of Justice to file federal charges against the teens.

We, the undersigned, ask the Department of Justice to file federal charges against the teens who brutally beat and killed Luis Ramirez on July 12, 2008. The incident was a hate crime and needs to be prosecuted under the full extent of the law.

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