#Law & Order
The Administration Metropolitan Community College- Blue River
United States of America

Over the past year at Metropolitan Community College(MCC) campuses there have been numerous security incidents.

These incidents have ranged from a stabbing to an attempted kidnapping. There was also a drug incident at the beginning of this semester at the Blue River Campus.

We, the students of MCC Blue River campus, ask the administration of MCC to provide more adequate security measures within our campus.

There have been too many incidents that have made our learning environment feel unsafe. We feel that our school should be a place where we can learn without having to look over our shoulders day in and day out and wonder if the person next to us is a threat.

We believe there is a serious lack of security on all MCC campuses. For example, here on Blue River campus there are no cameras in the hallways.

All of the entrances are open to the public. There is no real way to identify if a student is actually a student without directly questioning him or her.

To prevent any future incidents, we propose the following:

· Place security cameras within every hallway on campus.

· Doors need to be locked at all times and there must be a student identification card scanner to access the buildings.

· Students must be required to wear their student identification cards around their necks at all times.

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