The Scottish Premier League and ALL of its member clubs.
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Yet again, the voices and opinions of what make Scottish Football what it is, the FANS has gone unheard and unheeded.

Yet again, two clubs that could not care less about OUR game - only their own bank accounts - are attempting to bully every other club into bending to their will.

Yet again, the Old Pals Act, The Old Firm, are hitting, not only SPL but SFL, clubs with their big stick.

Yet again, business not sport, is trying to force the issue.

Football is billed as the Beautiful Game, the game for the man in the street.

Some modern day football CLUBS, however, seem to think that "the man in the street", the paying customer is now less important than having television cameras at their matches.

They are WRONG!

It's OUR "ball" ... and without US, they have no game! Without US, the game has no soul!

For some reason, the Old Firm are still seen as having a position of strength.


No longer can they threaten to take their "product" elsewhere if they don't get their way.

The English don't want them. UEFA and FIFA have told them they are stuck here.

So why the hell are OUR clubs still listening to them?

Sign this petition, now, and let YOUR club know that if they agree to a return to the days of a 10 team league, that they will no longer be able to rely on YOUR money.

Let them know that they can have their 10 team league but that their precious TV cameras will be filming inside an empty, soul-less stadium.

Fans threatening to boycott ONE club's games can see managers sacked or chairmen resign.

So what's stopping us from telling ALL of the clubs that we are not happy?

Sign this petition, NOW, to let YOUR club chairman know that YOU, the lifeblood of the game, intend to boycott ALL Scottish Premier League games until the fans are listened to.

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