#Children's Rights
Schools, Parents, Teachers

For the past several years, I've seen young adults end their lives due to bullying. I've come across personal young children no older than 7, wanting to end their lives because the bullying at school has not stopped. Bullied victims are within the 7 to 9 percentile that turn to suicide as a way of escaping. To know that bullying is the third leading cause to death is heart wrenching, and it is time for schools to be held accountable for the safety of these children. Putting a child on suspension from school stops nothing, not holding the bully accountable for their actions stops nothing. Most of the bullies suffer from deep rooted problems at home, and they bring that emotional neglect that they feel to school and spread the negativity within others. Schools allow the fights, and the bullying that most be stopped. We must be against the death of so many beautiful young children, that have so much life to live but cant cause their world ended at 4yrs old due to suicide.

We as parents, teachers, sisters, brothers and loved ones of those that lost their lives due to bullying must hold these schools accountable. We must have classes that speak on bullying, we must be more aggressive in knowing that our children are in a safe haven. So I would love for there to be a stop bullying session at every school, within that session we go over what bullying is, how it can be stopped. We sit down and talk with each student, and we actually reach out and help that child whether they are the bully or the one getting bullied. It's time to nip these actions in the bud. Each child has to participate, and each child has to pass.

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